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Elles se rendent pas compte is a serie of photographs presenting kinetic motorized sculptures.

Each machine mimics (or invite to) a specific human action, an intimate interaction : slapping, hugging, caressing, congratulating, tickling, writing, making someone talk, hitting. The title to each is of first importance, as it often explain the machine’s function and helps underlining the poetical values. The general title would translate to “They don’t realize“.

The materials are chosen by instinctive criterias, but if I had to explain them, I would say that on one hand I am (almost inevitably) in a recycling perspective, and on the other that I choose a material for his “reality level“, which has to be high enough. For instance, I consider wood to be more “real“ than paper or cardboard (not used) as it is less moldable, less easily accessible, thus more efficient. Paint for example is generally avoided, as his “thickness“, or “reality level“ is very small on this instinctive scale. It would only serve to modify surfaces that does not need to.

Sculptures photographically presented on the wall have all been destroyed by the artist. Concordantly, no machines installed in the exhibition space are available as photographic prints (yet.)

Elles se rendent pas compte, ECAL/Armand Yerly, 2012

Successes congratulation device

Wasted slaps retrieving machine

Machine to make bad people nicer

Machine to make you talk (and it worked well)

Petting machine

The head crusher or the chinese method

Ungrumpying device dedicated to the most frustrated