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This work is a set of black and white photographs of singular objects found in the Swiss landscape.

I’ve had a lifelong fascination with the peculiar, the differing, with what escapes repetition and banality. It’s in this attempt to solve what is a priori difficult to grasp that i found aesthetic and spiritual satisfaction.

The “entities” i photographed could probably be classified as near-objects, or speaking in terms of conceptual art, non-assisted ready-mades. Indeed, non of the presented “objects“ is purely natural, nor entirely man-made. It is the tense between nature and culture that cristallizes in them, or more precisely, the tense between form and chaos, between progress and enthropy. A strange beauty emerges from the unintentional skirmish between natural evolution on the one hand and industrial production on the other hand, that i wanted to capture.

I photographed these quasi-objects in black and white, with centered framings and front views, underlining their sculptural value. Furthermore, the display designed to be as a linear set of many small prints (in american boxes without glass) without any topographic data asks the viewer for a wandering, which is like a re-enactment of the unfolding time and landscapes experienced during the road-trip shootings. Finally, this display is also, off course, a disjointed allusion to Becher’s conceptual photography.

Objects, ECAL/Armand Yerly, 2012
Diploma work